Case that changes with you.

A revolutionary modular case for your eurorack system. Expand it to any size you wish - case segments can be added on either side and on the top and bottom. Build a case that fits your needs!


Width of single segment


Height of single segment


Enough Juice to power them all. Clean, ultra low noise power solution.

Switching power supply finally done right. Ultra low noise, high capacitance, expandable - up to 4 units to be powered from one power brick. Thats Juice. Can come with Bubbles - power header expander if you have lots of small modules in your case.

3000 mA +12V
1500 mA -12V
2000 mA +5V
Ultra Low Noise

Our product line so far –  more coming soon.

General information:
The Can: 325 x 130 x 85mm / Four Pack: 590 x 260 x 85mm
Depth: 70mm without Powerboard / 56mm with Powerboard

Empty Can – unassembled
52 HP –  €74.29 net

Everything you need to go bigger. Or to divide into smaller cases. No fluids inside.

The Can – unassembled
3U / 52hp –  €214.29 net

Start small. Expand later. Includes Juice, Straw and power brick.

The Can Lite – unassembled
3U / 52hp –  €152.86 net

Start small. Expand later. Includes Juice Lite & power brick.

The Can Lite – assembled
3U / 52hp –  €164.29 net

Start small. Expand later. Includes Juice Lite and power brick.

The Can – assembled
3U / 52hp –  €231.43 net

Start small. Expand later. Includes Juice, Straw and power brick.

Four Pack – assembled
6U / 104 HP –  €397.14 net

Standard size we all know and love. Juice, Straw & Bubbles on board. Power brick included. 47 power headers.

Six Pack – assembled
7U / 104 HP –  €511.43 net

Now with 1U intellijel row in the middle! Juice, Straw & Bubbles on board. Power Brick included. 47 power headers.

Slim Can –  unassembled
1U / 52hp –   €67.14 net

Intellijel format 1U expander for the sinusoda cases.

Two Pack Slim – unassembled
1U / 104hp –  €125.71 net

Intellijel format 1U expander for sinusoda cases.

Juice & Straw–  €165.71 net

Clean and juicy. Expandable with more Juice or Bubbles. Comes with Straw power inlet and power brick. 23 power headers. +12v: 3A / -12v: 1.5A / +5v: 2A

Juice Lite –  €107.14 net

Clean and juicy. 35W power brick. 12 power headers. Not expandable. +12v: 2A / -12v: 0.8A / +5v: 1.5A

Bubbles –  €54.29 net

Power header expander for Juice Powerboard. 24 power headers.

96W Brick –  €41.43 net

Recommended Power Brick for several Juices & Bubbles.

35W Brick –  €22.86 net

Recommended Power Brick for single Juice Lite

Available in two colours – Black or Grey.


Sinusoda x partnership


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    what’s next? 

    what’s next? 

    what’s next? 

    what’s next? 

    what’s next? 

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      .STL files for DIY
      Casing System – manual.
      Juice – technical data.
      Juice Lite – technical data.

      What's different about this case?

      Pretty much every Eurorack case on the market has a fixed width and hight. We wanted to revolutionize the way people plan their modular systems and created a case that is expandable both horizontally and vertically. Each segment is a case on its own, but they can all be connected together in any configuration imaginable. And don’t worry about the power supply – with our Bubbles expander you can build any case size you want!

      How do the segments connect with each other?

      Two segments can be attached together using a simple connector, pins and screws. You can connect them along their short sides or their long sides. For better visual representation see our product video and photos.

      What are the contents of a single case set?

      A single set contains everything you’ll need to build a 52hp case + expansion parts for the future. Any and all preconfigured sets will also include enough expansion parts, so you will likely end up with spares when you enlarge your system.

      What's the limit?

      In theory, the sky’s the limit! Wether it’s a 5 row, 208hp each case you’re planning or a simple 2x104hp case, our product will definitely meet your needs. Add or remove segments at will and expand your power bus with our dedicated Bubbles expander.

      Will it ship to my country?

      We’re doing our best to provide you with worldwide shipping – all we ask for is your patience for the time being 🙂

      Quality Design

      Multiple prototypes were created before our final product was satisfying enough to meet our specific needs. Quality standards were set high from the very beginning, ensuring our product is of the highest possible make.

      High Performance

      As we ourselves are modular synth enthusiasts we knew exactly what kind of case we wanted to create – a quality tool that would meet our high expectations in terms of performance and durability.

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